Half Day

British D-Day Tours

Half day D-Day tours last around 4 hours – simply ideal for anyone who would just like a short introduction to D-Day, for those who have limited time, for families with young children, or those who have a tighter budget.

Simply choose the itinerary and your preferred tour times!

There are four British options to choose from:

1) Sword Beach tour

A) Morning tour

B) Afternoon tour

2) Gold Beach tour

A) Morning tour

B) Afternoon tour

Sword Beach Tour

1) Pegasus Bridge

On this Sword Beach tour we will see the famous Pegasus Bridge – learn how daring and successful the glider assault by Major Howard and men from the British 6th Airborne Division was.

2) Hillman Strongpoint

From here, we’ll continue to visit the Hillman Strongpoint, a German bunker complex that was a thorn in the British side for many hours on D-Day.

3) Sword Beach

Third stop will be Sword Beach itself, landing site of the British 3rd Infantry Division, as well as British and French Commandos.

Gold Beach Tour

1) Gold Beach

We visit the second British landing sector and see the landing sector of the British 50th Infantry Division and German gun emplacements.

2) Arromanches

The next stop is Arromanches where remains of the artificial harbour, known as Mulberry, are still dominating the view of the English Channel. This amazing invention became the most important port for the Allied in North-West Europe until December 1944.

3) Longues-sur-Mer

The tour continues to Longues-sur-Mer, where a large German gun battery still has its original artillery pieces in place.

3) British War Cemetery

We’ll end the tour with a visit to the British War Cemetery in Bayeux, final resting place and memorial for 6452 soldiers of various nationalities, including German.


Tour titles:

#1A – Morning Sword D-Day tour

#1B – Afternoon Sword D-Day tour

#2A – Morning Gold D-Day tour

#2B – Afternoon Gold D-Day tour

Tour price (not per person): €380

Start and Finish times:

Morning tour: 08:30am-12:30pm

Afternoon tour: 1:30pm-5:30pm

Duration: 4 hours

Pick-up/drop-off location: Bayeux

Capacity: this private tour accommodates 1 to 8 people

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