Half Day

American D-Day Tours

Half day D-Day tours last around 4 hours – simply ideal for anyone who would just like a short introduction to D-Day, for those who have limited time, for families with young children, or those who have a tighter budget.

Simply choose the itinerary and your preferred tour times!

There are four American options to choose from:

1) Omaha Beach tour

A) Morning tour

B) Afternoon tour

2) Utah Beach tour

A) Morning tour

B) Afternoon tour

Omaha Beach Tour

This tour focuses on the Omaha Sector of D-Day: the Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery.

1) Pointe du Hoc

It was the task of US Army Rangers to assault the German costal artillery position atop 100ft high cliffs. This site has been preserved as a battlefield and you will be able to go into the many German bunkers, see the hundreds of bomb craters, and of course the cliffs the Rangers scaled.

2) Omaha Beach

We then continue east to visit Omaha Beach, which was depicted in opening scenes of the film Saving Private Ryan: here is where the heaviest casualties on D-Day were suffered. You will hear about the units involved, learn about how many things can and did go wrong here, but also how initiative, determination and leadership resulted in success.

3) American Cemetery

The third stop on this tour will be the final resting place of 9387 American servicemen and women from the Normandy campaign, located on high ground overlooking the eastern side of Omaha Beach. Here you will have the opportunity to pay your respects.

Utah Beach Tour

The focus of this tour is the Utah Sector of D-Day: Sainte Mere Eglise, Utah Beach and Carentan.

1) Sainte Mere Eglise

Sainte Mere Eglise was the first town in France to be liberated by American troops in WW2. This strategic crossroads town was captured by the “All American” 82nd Airborne Division.

2) Utah Beach

We will then head to Utah Beach, where the landings on D-Day were a huge success. Here you will have the opportunity to see monuments dedicated to the units involved in the landings on 6 June, as well as German bunkers.

3) Carentan

From Utah Beach we’re following the road passing through the landing zones of the “Screaming Eagles” of the 101st Airborne Division, whose main objective was Carentan. Walk in the footsteps of Band of Brothers!


Tour titles:

#1A – Morning Omaha D-Day tour

#1B – Afternoon Omaha D-Day tour

#2A – Morning Utah D-Day tour

#2B – Afternoon Omaha D-Day tour

Tour price (not per person): €380

Start and Finish times:

Morning tour: 8:30am-12:30pm

Afternoon tour: 1:30pm-5:30pm

Duration: 4 hours

Pick-up/drop-off location: Bayeux

Capacity: this private tour accommodates 1 to 8 people

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