About Me

Born and raised in the Netherlands, from a very young age I have been a student of WW2 military history. I’m an avid collector of wartime memorabilia and for nearly 40 years I have taken part in a WW2 re-enactments and living history events in the broadest form, giving presentations in schools, worked as a support artist and historical advisor for film and tv productions.

After having served in the Dutch Army for 5 years, and working as a graphic designer for 15, I became a bi-lingual tour guide at Leeds Castle, England, when the opportunity arose to become a full-time D-Day battlefield guide in Normandy. In 2019 I created Allied Victory Tours; I now have 6 years of professional guiding experience.

Over many years I was involved in writing and publishing WW2-related military-historical articles. In 2019 I presented a documentary covering the battles for the bridges across the river Elle in June 1944 – click on the Youtube icon below to watch this video.

With my military background, my passion for and sharing of WW2 military history, involvement in historical events, and established guiding experience, I can offer you the best possible personal D-Day tour experience. Please see the Testimonials page for recent reviews.

I am looking forward to showing you the battlefields of Normandy!

Mike van den Dobbelsteen